Breast Reshaping

The variation in the size of “normal breasts” may be the greatest single biological variant among women. For the woman who, for personal reasons, feels her breasts are too small or too large, or not properly contoured, cosmetic breast surgery can be the answer. It is also common for men to have overdeveloped breasts (called gynecomastia)! Whether you are a man or woman, our practice offers surgical procedures to enhance the shape and appearance of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

When breasts are too small to fill a shirt or blouse, they are often described and perceived by women as deformed. Since 1962 about a million women have had breast augmentation, with 90% of them pleased with the results. Very often, women are born with asymmetric (different sized) breasts that can be corrected with augmentation. Dr. Brown specializes in breast augmentation to help his clients achieve their ideal appearance.

Breast Lift

As the years go by, almost every woman notices a gradual deterioration in the size, shape and feel of her breasts. Gravity, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and loss all take their toll. Breasts sag, soften and flatten out. The breasts may look and feel old – but they need not. Dr. Brown can perform a breast lift to reshape, rejuvenate, firm up, lift up and shape up sagging, shrinking atrophied breasts. He can also reduce the size of an enlarged, stretched areola (the dark pink area around the nipple).

Female Breast Reduction

When breasts develop to a very large volume, they become an encumbrance for which reduction is the only treatment. Large breasts can cause a range of physical problems such as shortness of breath and back pain. Dr. Brown can remove breast tissue and then reshape the smaller breast to achieve a comfortable and attractive size and shape.

Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction corrects a medical condition known as male gynecomastia. Gynecomastia, derived from the Greek words for “woman-like breasts” affects an estimated 40% to 60% of men. Men of virtually any age who are self-conscious about the appearance of overdeveloped breasts are good candidates for this procedure. By removing excess fatty or glandular tissue, Dr. Brown can help you obtain a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better contoured.

If you are considering a medical procedure to enhance your appearance, these web pages will give you a basic understanding of common procedures. These pages are intended only as an introduction. You can continue your exploration with an in office consultation with Dr. Brown. After an examination and evaluation, we can better tailor your education for your particular condition or anatomic problem.


Breast Augmentations

Breast Lifts

Breast Reductions

Male Breast Reduction

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