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Have you ever touched a baby’s skin and marveled at the soft, silky feel and “peaches and cream” glow? From birth, the microscopic cells that form the top layer of our skin die and continuously slough off…nature’s way of “exfoliating” or removing the dead cells to expose the new layer of healthy skin below. As we age, this natural process slows down and a layer of dead cells remains on our skin, clogging pores and exaggerating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin appears dull and lifeless. We can no longer see the “new skin” below…the youthful “glow” is gone! In addition, collagen and elastin, which give our skin it’s body and tone, begin to diminish, leaving us with skin that is thinner, less elastic and sagging.

Skin care today is a very exact science providing us with a wide selection of treatments and supplements to counteract and slow down the aging process. Skin can be exfoliated chemically through the use of customized chemical peeling systems and mechanically through microdermabrasion. Both serve to expose the healthy skin below. Vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing agents then nourish and strengthen the new cells and help restore collagen and elastin. They are effectively forced into the deeper levels of the skin to achieve amazing results through use of new, cutting edge technology such as the Environs personal Roll-Cit induction tool or the Environs Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis machine. Finally, specifically designed products help you protect and maintain your “new skin”.

Advanced Concepts in Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care is medically directed by Dr. Stephen A. Brown, a board certified plastic surgeon with 27 years of experience. All of our product lines are uniquely designed for use in medically directed facilities. Our staff is comprised of a Registered Nurse and medically trained aestheticians who will evaluate your skin and lifestyle in order to design the program best suited to your needs. A series of treatments will be chosen to correct existing damage and stimulate development of stronger, more youthful looking skin. A “Home-Care” regime will help you maintain your new look and prevent further damage. Healthy skin has a youthful glow…and so will you!!

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This rejuvenating facial incorporates three steps which together produce a smoother skin surface and more uniform coloration. First the skin is exfoliated physically with a dermaplaning technique or through use of a natural enzyme. This is followed by an alphahydroxy acid peel and cryogenic therapy. There is generally no “downtime” with this procedure, and it has been referred to as the “go and glow” producing immediate results.

MicroPeel Plus

The MicroPeel Plus is a more aggressive facial peel focusing on one active step, a salicylic acid peel. It is ideal for active acne and acne prone persons, as well as those with severely damaged skin. Multiple treatments appropriately spaced provide maximum results. There is generally no “downtime” although some patients experience mild redness or residual peeling easily covered with make-up.

Microdelivery Peel

Microdermabrasion is a process that mechanically exfoliates the skin through use of a machine that lightly buffs off dead cells by vacuuming aluminum oxide crystals across it. There is minimal discomfort and requires no “downtime”. Gradually, there is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improvement in skin color, tone and texture. The new skin is stimulated to revitalize and strengthen it’s own collagen. This technique has also been successful in reducing scarring. Our machine (there are many on the market that are also being used in non-medical facilities) allows the delivery of liposomes and vitamins directly to the skin during the resurfacing process. The Microdelivery Peel can be used successfully on the body as well as the face and can be used in conjunction with other chemical peels to maximize results.

Refinity Peel

The refinity peel is the only glycolic acid peel system specially formulated to allow the use of a 70% solution. Cosmoderm 7, a buffering system that provides a triple dose of protection allows a highly effective delivery of the acid with minimal irritation. Results have shown a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improvement in skin color, tone and texture. It can be used successfully on the face, neck, hands and chest and may be alternated in series with microdermabrasion with excellent results. Again, no “downtime” is required and minimal redness can be easily covered with make-up.

Botox® Cosmetic

Now you can eliminate those frown lines without surgery by a simple treatment of Botox® Cosmetic. Some signs of aging are due to environmental damage and loss of elasticity. Overactive muscles in key areas of the face can make us appear older, tired or even angry. Botox® Cosmetic creates an overall more youthful, relaxed appearance. It only takes minutes to perform and the effect is seen within a few days and gradually wears off three to five months later.

Make-Up Application and Techniques

Make-up “makeovers” are available to all of our skin care and surgical patients. Our aestheticians will instruct you on how to choose colors and products best suited to your facial structure, skin type and tone. Proper application, contouring and colors can enhance your natural beauty or create a whole new look. Experience our special line of products developed with micronized minerals.

Environs Customized Personal Peeling Systems

A combination of TCA cool peeling creams and gels utilize higher levels of acid creating a more comfortable experience with less down time and risk. Lacpam, a gentler form of Lactic acid is effectively used on dry, sun-damaged and sensitive skin. All of these peels are “mixed and matched” to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, decrease pigment and even skin tone. They are used in conjunction with the Environs line of home care products which emphasize the daily replacement of sun sensitive vitamins (A,C and E). This can only be accomplished topically with the purest form of pharmaceutical grade vitamin products which are produced and shipped weekly. Environs products are never sold over the counter or by infomercial.

Environs Iontophoresis/Sonophoresis Treatments

A series of treatments using sound waves, electrical impulse, or a combination of the two, to drive vitamins into the deeper levels of the skin where cell activity takes place. This is accomplished with a patented machine developed by Environs.

Environs Cosmetic Roll-Cit

A small, hand-held tool developed by Environs to create small channels in the upper layer of skin, thus allowing deeper penetration of vitamins and antioxidants. This tool is purchased by the patient to be used in conjunction with their home care program. Results are easily achieved by rolling the Roll-Cit gently over the skin prior to product application. There is no down time involved and only a very slight sensation of discomfort noticed by some patients.

Environs Medical Roll-Cit

The Medical Roll-Cit is used only by Dr. Brown to perform a more advanced collagen channeling procedure. The principles involved are similar to those of the Cosmetic Roll-Cit, but with deeper penetration by a series of very fine needles on the tool used by the doctor. This procedure does require some level of topical or local anesthesia and is done in the office or outpatient day surgery unit of the hospital, depending on the size and area of the body being treated. There is some down time involved and only minor discomfort. Excellent results have been achieved on fine lines, particularly around the mouth, although other areas may be treated. Details of the procedure are discussed in consultation with Dr. Brown.

Our Medical Director
Stephen A. Brown, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon