Kristen H. The operation went much easier than I imagined. Afterwards I immediately felt good about my decision to have a breast enlargement. I particularly enjoyed looking in the mirror and realizing that the balanced figure belonged to me. I also have truly enjoyed shopping for clothes particularly bathing suits. It is an operation that I am really glad that I had done and I would recommend it for anyone.

Beth B. I cannot begin to say how happy I am that I had the operation. There was a little bit of pain for a few days but the medication Dr. Brown gave me was more than enough to take care of it. 4-6 weeks after the operation I was able to resume all of my normal activities. I feel so good when I go shopping. I feel so good about myself when I step out of the shower. I feel so good when I am working out at the gym. It is really a great operation. It changed my self-image literally overnight.


Christine P. The operation itself was really not painful. I was a little tired for a few days. I had to wear a special garment for about 3-4 weeks but I did not mind that because I could see the improvement in my shape immediately. I am still improving at this point in time, but I just love the way I look. I am really looking forward to the summer because I know I am going to look great in a bikini.

Trisha T. I had the maximum amount of liposuction recommended (a little over 5 quarts). I just couldn’t lose the weight, so I had my chin done, my arms, my outer and inner thighs, my knees and my abdomen. I can’t say how happy I am with Dr. Brown’s results. I’m motivated now to lose a little more weight on my own. I was tired for about a week but my energy level came back to normal quickly because Dr. Brown instructed me to just take it easy in the beginning and just slowly begin to do more things.


Sharon R. I loved my new nose so much. My face never felt balanced before the surgery. It is an operation which is a little uncomfortable the first few days while the packing is in your nose, but once your get over the feeling it certainly is not painful and it is really not even that uncomfortable. I have dreamed of doing it since I was a young girl and having done it, I would recommend it to anybody.

Lorraine B. I had my nose done some time ago. People now can’t even remember what I looked like before. Even though the change was dramatic, when I first had my operation done close friends looked at me and though I had changed my hairstyle. Dr. Brown did not really change the overall size of my nose; he just rearranged the structure of my nose so that it was pretty and fit in with all the rest of the features of my face. I never regretted for one day having had the operation and I would recommend this operation for anyone. It is not painful, a little uncomfortable for the first few days. There is some black and blue certainly and swelling for a period of a week. Once you get past that ten-day period of time it is really all up hill.


Dorothy A. I had a breast reduction when I was 77 years old. I thought I might be too old, however Dr. Brown felt as long as my medical doctor approved it I could have the operation. For me this meant a lot. I’m a diabetic. Dr. Brown reassured me that this operation would not be painful and indeed it was not. I had been uncomfortable my entire life and now I’m feeling so comfortable.

Sandra K. I am 28 years old and I have been between a triple D since I was 15. I wanted to do the operation when I was younger but my mother wouldn’t let me. I have since found out from Dr. Brown that I could have had the operation at a younger age as long as I was willing to accept the risk that my breasts could get larger and then I would have to have the operation done again or at least revised. I was extremely uncomfortable physically and my shoulders ached. In the summer I would often get irritation underneath my breasts. It was very uncomfortable to run, to jazzercise or any type of exercise where I was moving around a lot. I was extremely self-conscious during the summer months when clothing was more revealing and I was uncomfortable socially as well. Now, I feel totally comfortable and I am having an absolute blast when it comes to shopping. I can just go buy anything off the rack. I had to wait about six weeks for any heavy activity, but now I can jog, run and jazzercise.


Ruth P. I cannot believe when I look in the mirror that my jaw line and neck are so smooth. It looks very natural. I look the way I did ten to fifteen years ago. The little bit of bruising I had after surgery was covered very nicely by Dr. Brown’s aesthetician. I am extremely glad I did it and I would do it again.